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18-game schedule as the owners wanted. it will stay at 16 games and there will be a rookie salary cap. >> you may have made the night a lot easier for a lot of folks around here. he is going to have more on the
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potential deal coming up later in sports. >> let's switch gears and turned over to the battle over money that affects the entire nation. this is the showdown over the debt limit. president obama says he and congressional lawmakers are making progress on a possible deal. the president is threatening to veto two bills backed by tea party republicans. the one would call for spending cuts and the other is a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. john boehner recalls the threats disappointing. >> the president continues to insist that we should have pushed for the biggest possible deficit reduction package. >> if the president keeps on insisting raising taxes on american workers, there is not going to be a deal. >> the house plans to hold votes on a tea party backed legislation tomorrow. >> we are monitoring new developments coming in -- news
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corp. owner rupert murdoch will be testifying before parliament about his company's hacking scandal. >> just because of the old tv -- they own the television networks, it doesn't mean they like being on them. they will be grilled lives by all great british politicians. >> he did not inherit this company. he built it. >> he is worried about his children, who he assumed would succeed him. >> and james murdoch has been groomed to take over the empire from its 82-year-old father. he admits to paying too high- profile victims of his newspapers and legal hacking a million dollars to keep them quiet. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized. it was made with information that was incomplete. >> the influence is also in the
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spotlight. in 15 months david cameron has had 26 meetings with executives, more than twice the number of meetings he has dealt with any other media organizations. >> how powerful is rupert murdoch? >> the view of every prime minister or for the last three years is that no one can get elected without the passing of a patriarch. >> the head of scotland yard and the assistant commissioner but resigned over possible police wrongdoing over the scandal. still to come tonight betty white is the latest celebrity to receive an invitation to the marine corps ball. >> a new iphone is one step closer to reaching the market.
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>> a story that every baby boomer needs to see. the silent killer that many are not taking seriously. >> a new robbery on the
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. >> tonight a non whether safety alert that you need to be aware of when you exercise outside. armed thieves have targeted joggers the three times now. >> they have targeted runners on the metropolitan branch trail in north east. >> folks to use this trail say they love it, they are are predicted -- they are appreciative of added police patrol. the metropolitan branch trail
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and eight-mile paved enclave to the city. >> you have to be aware of what is going on around you. >> at times, this oasis has been a magnet for robberies. >> it is a shame that this has happened so many times. >> between may and june, at least five armed holdups. police stepped up patrols and there were no incidents. >> there are always police officers waiting around. >> since july 9, 3 additional robberies, the latest 9:15 monday morning. a man with a gun demanded and got a cell phone and wallet. >> i thought something might have happened here. >> police are fighting back. surveillance cameras guardian angels are on alert. >> i saw two others approached as i got further down. >> it makes you feel a little
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safer? >> yes. >> it is awareness and some street smarts that may be the best weapon against being attacked. >> as long as people are paying attention. they are probably safe here as anywhere else. >> that is good advice because this is an urban setting. we're told that the guardian angels will be here tomorrow morning at 6:00. police say if you encounter someone suspicious, you should keep your distance and turnaround on paul 911. -- and called 911. a giant dust cloud has moved across phoenix tonight. the storm formed about 2.5 hours ago creating some dangerous driving conditions. they're no immediate reports of accidents caused by this storm. this is the second major dust storm that we have seen it like this and get to phoenix. growing obesity epidemic is
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now expanding to baby boomers. baby boomers are more obese than any other generation. a third of those polled were obese. this comes as baby boomers do not consider obesity among their biggest help fears. baby boomers. cancer of the most. -- baby boomers. kantor the most. apple will be releasing a prepaid iphone. it will have many of the same features as a typical iphone, but without the contract. is expected to hit stores in late august. the move comes as apple tries to hold off droid phones. betty white will not be joining -- the marine corps ball. >> i would like to take betty white.
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she is funny, she is sweet she is the perfect one man. >> that is so nice. he posted this video asking the 89-year-old actors to be heard date. she has declined the invitation due to a prior work commitment. >> she would have banned 10 into the ground. -- she would have danced him into the ground. >> no dancing outside tonight. outside today it was another 90-degree day. we are up to 25. last year, remember what a terrible summer it was with 6790-degree days. our temperature that is a
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greenhouse gas that makes the greatest effect on our morning. the the more water vapor, the more a warm it is. here we are in washington. there have been a number of shoppers earlier today that were moving out of all -- showers earlier today that for moving out of ohio. they are staying well to our south. there is another batch that we will have to keep an eye on. there is nothing going on. all lightning has moved off. look at the high temperatures. minneapolis was up into the 90's today. folks try to get to safety. there is that a cluster of showers and thundershowers and that is what is left of a tropical storm. it is moving away. why are we getting this terrible unity? look at the water temperatures. these are the water temperatures
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in the gulf of mexico. as federal flow from the south and southwest continues day after day this humidity spreads all over the country, especially out of the mid part of the country. the result has been that stifling heat. the heat index is about 110 to 115 degrees. the humidity will be coming our way. as we get into saturday and sunday. in the meantime, overnight tonight, we will be seeing some of those leftover clouds. tomorrow with that overall flow, there will be a scattering of showers and thundershowers. i cannot tell you exactly where or when. it will bring a little bit of grief relief. they've really come back with a
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vengeance as we get onto wednesday, thursday, and friday. tanagers are into the 90's. we will be up until -- temperatures are up into the 90's. by saturday, we could be tying a record of 101 degrees. the worst of the heat is yet to
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this week's heat wave is the top trending story on they are all caught >> i bet the nfl ranks up there tomorrow at this time. the nfl is almost back in business. houston, we have a problem.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the nfl is getting very close to going back to work and it will probably happen within the next five days. the owners have a special meeting set for thursday in atlanta. barring any last-minute
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problems the first work stoppage since 1987 and come to an end. the redskins are gearing up to move quickly. the salary cap they have agreed upon is $120 million. they will be $20 million under that. george wilson told us tonight about free agency. >> the nfl. for baseball fans, the nationals are in houston. they have climbed back to 500. let me take you back to the ninth inning. he will score easily and the
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national's lead 3-2. the hero and a 5-2 win for the nats. how about this motion? it was a top spot. with the bases loaded, the veteran goes with a 3-2 pitch to right field. into the corner it will go. everybody is running. it will make it 9-7, the red sox be the orioles, a 15-10. yesterday's world cup soccer game -- more than 13.5 million people watched the united states listed japan. the u.s. players returned from europe today and for celebrated in times square tonight. despite some criticism for losing to japan the women have had a loss with a great deal of class. >> coming home to this
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introduction and this recession has been amazing. we are so proud of the accomplishments that we have made. we are obviously disappointed that we did not come back with a cup. >> yesterday's game set a record for tweets second. almost 7200 tweets per second.
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this is going to be quite a week. >> if you think it is hot here, look at the temperatures in northwest canada. 72 degrees.
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winnipeg is still 90 right now. we will be into the mid 9
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